Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • 2014 Datsun Go +

    The recent decision by Nissan to return the famous Datsun brand was brought to life variable results. While some celebrated another cheap division , which is to apply the Romanian Dacia , others are still expecting the return of the legendary names such as 240Z and 510. This did not occur and the Datsun will be […]

  • 2015 GMC Yukon

    Although at first glance GMC products look like Chevrolets with different guise , the reality is still different. Since the GMC in its line offers generally higher SUVs and pickups , their quality has always been at a high level , and his salons are significantly more luxurious . GMC also does not extend its offer […]

  • 2015 Ford Focus RS

    Unofficially Ford is preparing its sports version of Focus, and this model should be introduced to us in the second half of next year as a model for the 2015. On the great satisfaction of all fans of this sportsman the new 2015 Ford Focus should get even more power. Unofficially this model will be […]

  • 2014 Seat Leon ST

    First photos of 2014 Seat Leon ST found their way to the internet before the factory was officially wanted to present them to the public. Premiere models was at Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and one of the main marketing advantages Leona ST luggage compartment volume is 587 liters. Seat a new generation Leon hatchback […]

  • VW Golf 7 Variant

    New Golf 7 (for which Volkswagen has so far received more than 100,000 orders) has so far been available as a hatchback 3 and 5 door, and from now its offer is supplement by wagon version – VW Golf 7 Variant. Depending on the market on which will be sell, the VW Golf 7 Variant […]

  • Suzuki IV-4

    Although often criticized for being one of the ugliest cars of today, Nissan Juke has a whole new class of vehicle you are starting to follow the other vehicle manufacturers . Customers similar vehicles are usually younger , who in the past have driven Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle, and want a style that will differentiate […]

  • BMW i8

    After the two concepts ( as Coupe and Spyder ) highly anticipated series BMW i8 saw the light of day at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show . This plug -in hybrid with a centrally mounted engine in the other car “i” line of electric vehicle of German car manufacturer after the i3, but introduces several […]

  • Mercedes S-Class Coupe

    Although Mercedes S-Class long for true icon in the world of large premium cars,  the German giant has problems in previous years  . BMW 7-Series and the Audi A8 took the cake in the class in which it is traditionally Lexus LS , and participation was announced Jaguar . Mercedes hopes to return an increase in […]

  • 2014 Ford Edge

    Ford increases its range of the crossover. Each one is different in its function and target market. Ford Explorer is a family car, designed for larger families, while the Ford Edge car over the city. 2014 Ford Explorer features a sleek design, the interior with many technological aids in driving, lower fuel consumption, and as […]

  • 2014 Toyota Fortuner

    The 2014 Toyota Fortuner will be based on the platform of Toyota Hilux models. For the design of the vehicle 2014 Fortuner will be in charge of an engineering team from Australia who are responsible for Toyota Hilux model. Competition in the luxury SUV is huge so that engineers try to create a model that […]