2014 Ferrari FF

Ferrari is making hi-tech statement with its new FF model. First of all, 2014 Ferrari FF is first car from Italian carmaker that is driven with all four wheels. It will have all Ferrari’s characteristics – it is powerful, it is stylish, it is not cheap. However, for this impressive car, price would be probably around $300.000. But, all enthusiasts and these who can afford it will wait  for Ferrari FF 2014, eagerly.

2014 Ferrari FF

2014 Ferrari FF engine

The 2014 FF must be equipped with something that will get many horses under its hood. To be precise, 651 hp will be delivered from powerful 6.3-l V12 engine. As already said, this is first Ferrari model with AWD system. Overall weight is 3,946 pounds. Top speed of the new Ferrari FF reached 208 mph in testing and car sprints 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. According to the reports, handling and driving impression is great for 2014 Ferrari FF.

2014 Ferrari FF

2014 Ferrari FF redesign

The 2014 Ferrari FF is designed as no other car from Italian carmaker. It looks like two-door wagon with its shape. But on the other side, many well-known curves are used, and familiar characteristics, such as low and long nose, windshield and tail. More aggressiveness is added with its swells of the fenders which connect nose and tail. This also brings better aerodynamic. Inside, 2014 FF is spacious and suitable for longer trips. Even it is four-seater, there is no plenty leg- and head-room at back seats. It makes even less room with high tunnel for the driveline placed between rear seats. The car has 15.9 cubic-feet of cargo space, which can be increased to 28.2 with folded rear seats.

2014 Ferrari FF

2014 Ferrari FF equipment

Except its all-wheel drive system, 2014 Ferrari FF is packed with many more technological, visual and performance features. Transmission for the car is unlikely the other AWD cars. Instead, Ferrari exploits seven-speed gearbox that sends power to the front wheels. After fourth gear, transmission spread power to all four wheels. Then, there are magneto-rheological dampers which are used for better control of the vehicle. Carbon-ceramic brakes installed in 2014 FF increase the fade-resistance and stopping power of the big shooting brake.

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