2014 Smart ForTwo review

Published new photos disguised test prototype of the future 2014 Smart on which you can already guess how the car will look when introduced in 2014. year. For now to test the new 2014 Smart ForTwo used parts bodywork Twingo , as Renault and Daimler are jointly developing a new generation of these two cars .

2014 Smart ForTwo

However , we are now able to see the first one that prototiop under colorful camouflage sheet hides the final form of the new 2014 Smart. The car was placed on a shortened platform of the new generation Twingo models , which also needs to be introduced in 2014. The similarities with the prototype smallest of the French manufacturers are also reflected in the front of the car.

2014 Smart ForTwo design

Compared with the current Smart, a new generation will have a clearly defined and protruding front. The hood , which in previous versions steeply continued to line the windshield is now placed under less angle. As for the rear of the car , he’s now notched nearly a right angle to the gaps between the predecessors in which the glass on the back door was recessed relative to vertical. It is expected that the new generation will be slightly longer and wider , and should be provided with more space for storage.

2014 Smart ForTwo

2014 Smart ForTwo specs

Conceptually , nothing will change . The 2014 Smart ForTwo will remain exactly what its name suggests – a miniature city car for two passengers . Although the panels that make up the body coated with camouflage wrap, some stylistic elements that we see in the new 2014 Smart ForTwo -like shape headlights already presented the concept cars such as ForStars and ForJoy . Information about the powertrain still carefully kept secret , but is expected to 2014 Smart and engine share with a new generation of Renault Twingo.