Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • 2015 VW Touareg

    Touareg is Volkswagen’s luxury model. Especially its design. It would be big surprise if 2015 VW Touareg interrupt this tradition. Selling is in rise, so only slightly modifications are expected, mainly refresh design and updates on technology. Touareg is VW’s model for over the ten years, and this is second generation of the vehicle. For […]

  • 2015 Infiniti Q70

    The Infiniti Q70 from 2014 year turned a lot of attention to itself with its classy design. The 2015 Q70 will be a continuation of that model, and company’s executives hope for same effect from this model. The Q series of Infiniti’s vehicles are successors of cars from M series. So all fans of M […]

  • 2015 BMW X6

    One of the many vehicles from German manufacturer’s factory for upcoming year will be 2015 X6. This model comes into second generation. First was launched back in 2008 and 2015 BMW X6 will be the first example of next one. This car has been spotted on the streets of Beijing, under heavy camouflage. However, we […]

  • 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

    It is rumored that this could be the last run of the Grand Caravan and all Dodge Avenger models. It could be that 2015 models will end the production, but termination of this lineup is prolonged to at least 2017. However, it could happen that these vehicles could show as next generation models with same […]

  • 2015 VW Jetta

    The new Jetta sedan will be redesigned, after many rumors that this car has ended it production. However, gossips are now turned to Jetta SportWagen, whose last appear we could see as 2015 year model. On the other hand, sedan version will stay, and it has been announced that it could be unveiled in car […]

  • 2015 Ford Flex

    New Ford’s vehicle is not standard vehicle at all. Well, at least what we used to from this company. The 2015 Ford Flex has revolutionary look. Redesign from previous model will make it a lot different. Except look, it will be more efficient, which makes 2015 Ford Flex tempting vehicle if you are looking for […]

  • 2015 Toyota Alphard

    The 2015 Toyota Alphard will be another minivan from this company. Japanese buyers with it will have larger choice of picking their favourites. This vehicle will have two variations – called Velfire and Alphard Type Gold LL. Toyota has revisited its interior and exterior so we can expect new details, badging, trims and carpets. Also, […]

  • VW Polo crossover concept

    With upcoming international car show in Geneva, many manufacturers are preparing their latest models for premiere. Not only cars, but also concepts for future cars will be unveiled. One of these platforms which are expected to appear in Geneva is the new VW concept for its brand Polo, but as crossover. Volkswagen is keeping everything […]

  • 2015 BMW 4 series Gran coupe

    The BMW’s 4 series vehicles are nothing but luxurious class. However, 2015 BMW Gran coupe compact car is somehow a surprise for all enthusiasts. It has longer roofline from regular coupe for about 4.4 inches. Other measures are almost the same. Just, one fact sounds strange – a coupe with 46 cubic foot of cargo […]