2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Fiat wants to strengthen the brand Alfa Romeo in next few years. The planned new models, significantly increasing production and getting closer to the German rivals in the premium segment, such as BMW. In order to achieve that, the models will hit the market by the end of this decade should be the level of competition in every respect. The first model to be launched for this purpose is the 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia design

How important model for the company is 2015 Giulia best speak words of Chrysler Group design boss Lorenzo Ramaciotti , who said that the new Giulia „design challenge“  for his company. He in a recent interview said that the design of the new Alfa Romeo “hardest job in which they have so far encountered“. Weight assignment contributes to the fact that the new Giulia must be „exceptional, but at the same time resist the challenge of time“. The design must be such as to impress potential buyers. It is expected that the new 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia to offer customers new color options, new headlamps, new bumpers, new wheels and also new chrome.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia engine

Alfa was originally planned to launch the Giulia exclusively for the European market as a replacement for the outdated 159, but the project was stalled after the merger of Fiat and Chrylser. The new plan was launched 2015 Giulia as a global model. The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be selling in U.S. with the Chrysler Pentastar V6 engines, and will be offered in Europe equipped with 1.75 liter engine that uses the 4C model.

According to another source, there is the idea that the Alfa use Ferrari engines . CEO of Fiat Group Sergio Marchionne wants to use the knowledge and technology that has a Ferrari to enable the new Alfa Romeo models receive adequate engines. It is anticipated that the first Alfa model that will get the engine developed by Ferrari will be 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia . It is a variant of the V6 engine, which Ferrari was developed for Maserati.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia  release date

New 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia is expected premiered in March 2015 at car show in Geneva, as a sedan model. The company Alfa Romeo has developed a new five-year plan that includes wagon version Giulie equipped with rear-wheel drive as standard and optional all-wheel drive. The station wagon version of the 2015 Giulia should appear end of 2015 or early 2016.

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