2015 Audi R8

The first halo car from German carmaker was introduced in 2006. Audi R8 continued where Quattro stopped 15 years before that. Concept for the R8 was unveiled in Le Mans 10 years ago, and now car enters the second generation with 2015 year model. The 2015 Audi R8 will be easy to notice with its more angular style and modern design. On the other hand, interior will be pretty similar to the TT’s concept. People in Audi are working fast to launch 2015 R8 as soon as possible, because of their competitors, especially Porsche.

2015 Audi R8

2015 Audi R8 redesign

Audi is trying to make a brand car in the sport car market. It must be precise and very drivable to be ready to get into supercar lineup. Also, one of the obstacle could be competition which is way ahead. But, we can’t judge until we see the progress of 2015 Audi R8. This supercar from Audi will be built by using of light materials. That should drop car’s weight and with it MPG rate will jump. Current R8 has 1689 pounds total, but it is certain that number will be reduced. Second generation of Audi R8 will use again the mid-engine platform (also used as replacement for the Lamborghini Gallardo). It is believed that this one will be called Deimos.

2015 Audi R8

2015 Audi R8 engine

It is not decided yet what will be under the hood of the 2015 Audi R8. Anyway, some leaked information are telling us that it will be natural to have this supercar with twin-turbo V-8 and a naturally aspirated V-10 as two drivetrains for new generation of R8. There are also strong  rumors that we will have new R8 as a plug-in hybrid. Also there is an option to keep current diesel-powered R8. Last engine culminated as R8 V-12 TDI concept. Gearbox should return the S-tronic seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. For the enthusiast, there are preparations for the six-speed manual transmission.

2015 Audi R8 rear view

2015 Audi R8 release and price

We can expect 2015 Audi R8 in second half of 2015 as model for that or there is small possibility to be a 2016 year model. Expect the price to be somewhere near $120.000.

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