2015 BMW M5

It has been 30 years since BMW M5 started its life in sedan class. When the car lives so long, it is sure that offers something special and there are a lot of fans and enthusiasts around the world expecting to see it. German manufacturer won’t skip to surprise them with anniversary edition of the car which will come as 2015 BMW M5. And happy birthday gift will be most powerful M5 ever, with over 600 hp.

2015 BMW M5

2015 BMW M5 engine

Last model of the M5 had a power boost, but 2015 M5 will get additional ponies. German manufacturers already made breathtaking improvement on current model, raising 560 hp to 575 hp. For the 2015 year model, we expect same engine, 4.4-l TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder petrol powertrain. This engine is a part of competition package which will add 25 hp to overall power. With increased turbocharger pressure and engine control module improvements, this outcome could be even bigger, but we have rough prediction. However, that means 2015 BMW M5 will be able to produce 600 hp. With raising the boost pressure in the upper range of revs this will be good for the performance vehicle to sprint 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. However, 2015 M5 won’t be loud, since modified exhaust unit will make sporty engine sound.

2015 BMW M5

2015 BMW M5 30th anniversary Limited Edition

For 30 years of BMW M5, German carmaker will prepare 300 Limited Editions anniversary models, 30 of them for US market. These will be luxury equipped, with some plaque in the cabin and black Alcantara and leather combination on the seats inside the vehicle. There will be also special badges designed for this limited models, with modifications of dashboard and door panels. These badges will be all over the car, so owner will be easy recognizable as one of 300 owners of these cars. Outside, Limited Edition of 2015 M5 will offer Frozen Dark Silver paint. This special model will feature greater precision, enhanced engine output, more direct steering and a specially designed chassis.

2015 BMW M5 interior

2015 BMW M5 price

Price of the new 2015 BMW M5 wasn’t confirmed yet. From some rumors we found that special, Limited Edition model will be priced around $125.000, but since it is high end model, we expect a lot closer to the 2014 year model’s price.

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