2015 BMW Z4

Since first rumors, the BMW Z4 is most expected vehicle from German carmaker. It wasn’t clear would it be released as 2014 or 2015 year model, but now we are near that mark and target. Definitely, it will be model for next year, although we hope to see it this year. The 2015 BMW Z4 will be most elegant and stylish car on the market, according to company and first impressions. It will be convertible two-seater, made for showing off. Except that, sound of the engine is really fantastic. But best is yet to come – features and options in this future car are terrific and since still in developing, it could be only be better.

2015 BMW Z4

2015 BMW Z4 redesign

Design of the 2015 Z4 is one of the most interesting things about this vehicle. The company and enthusiasts have already announced it as the most stylish car in the class. There will be changes on its exterior, and we also must admit there is some point in this proclamation. New details which make this car so attractive are on wheels. New 17-inch alloy wheels are installed. Also, bi-xenon headlights make difference to other cars. Heated steering wheel, new climate control and improved safety features are also some of the things that would buyers love.

2015 BMW Z4 interior

2015 BMW Z4 engine

Engine will follow design in making great impression of the 2015 BMW Z4. This is not most powerful engine it could be installed, but makes great performance. Engineers decided to pack new Z4 with 2.0-l four-cylinder powertrain, capable of producing 240 hp and 260 feet-pound of torque. Other possible option for the new 2015 BMW Z4 is 3.0-l engine which could produce over 300 hp.

2015 BMW Z4

2015 BMW Z4 release date and price

From some leaked information we find out that it is possible for BMW Z4 to be presented by the end of this year and 2015 year model. Market appearance is to follow premiere in few months and from $49.000 up to $66.000 will be price range for 2015 Z4, depending on engine options and trim levels.

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