2015 Chevy Code

Chevrolet has revealed their new concept at Detroit’s car show this year. Chevy’s four seat coupe based on the Cadillac ATS’s rear-drive platform, the 2015 Chevy Code is a real personal transportation vehicle, which may remind of the BMW series 1 or 1967 Camaro, but wit tidier proportions. On the first sight, they have similar fenders, upright windshield and complete size, but if you look closer, you’ll change your mind.

2015 chevy code

2015 Chevy Code engines

The new Chevrolet Code is expected to be car for the joys of the four wheel drift. It is a bit larger than it competitors from Japan – Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S twins. It’s engine is not so big – 1.4-l turbocharged four-cylinder, which produces only 150 hp and has 148 pound-feet of torque. Big improvement is the ­eAssist mild hybridization. This eAssist gives a boost of another 15 hp. Other engines mentioned to be in the lineup for the 2015 Chevy Code are 2.0-liter direct-injected four-cylinder. Then, there is already mentioned 1.4-l for Eco models. And high performance powertrain is  2.0-liter turbo producing around 270 hp. Transmission offered on the new Chevy’s concept Code are 6-speed, either manual or automatic.

2015 chevy code

2015 Chevy Code design and interior

The 2015 Chevy Code  will have modern and stylish design especially for younger population.  Aggressive look was designed by Joe Baker. What can caught your sight are wheels and their elegance design. Modern wheels are chrome-plated and they got perfectly into attractive look of the 2015 Code.

2015 chevy code interior

Many hi-tech features are on this car. Smartphone connection and Wi-Fi are standard. There is also MyLink infotainment system. Interior of this model is still in development, so there is no much more further details. There is enough time for final touches before this vehicle hits the market.

2015 Chevy Code price

Engine options for the new Chevrolet’s platform are not cheap. So neither is its Alpha platform. So, expect that this vehicle price tag would be somewhere  between $ 20.000 and $ 25.000 for the base models.

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