2015 Dodge Dart

First Dodge Dart was released in 1960 when it hit the markets. This car has shown well, so it attracted a lot of attention and was very popular in seventies and eighties. Back then, Dodge Dart was a full-size sedan made from Chrysler Company. It has evolved during years and now we have a fifth generation after 35 years of brake. Returned in 2013, Dart continued with familiar look and now with 2015 Dodge Dart we will have slight changes to the resurrected model from 2013. Soon after release, Dart changed its class into mid-size sedan, and then compact sedan, which will be now with 2015 year model.

2015 Dodge Dart

2015 Dodge Dart redesign

What is unchanged from older models to 2015 Dodge Dart is its boxy look. It should keep versions with 2 and 4 doors which were used after resurrection in 2013. This model was a substitute to the other Dodge vehicle which was escorted into retirement then, Dodge Caliber. Wheelbase of the fifth generation and vehicle itself are very long. The 2015 Dart will be very different from its forebears, which is normal, but car won’t suffer any radical changes from base fifth-generation model from 2013. This generation is family sedan with four doors and completely modern and elegant look. What else will be new on the 2015 Dodge Dart is engine cooling system. New colors have been added to palette.

2015 Dodge Dart interior

2015 Dodge Dart interior and safety

Interior of the new 2015 Dart will be revisited, but we are sure all latest gizmos will be there. Car will be 5-seater sedan with enough head- and leg-room for all of them. New materials, extremely quality and new colors will make ride comfortable. Infotainment and safety systems will be up-to-date. From safety features we have ABS, airbags, traction and stability control, and many more.

2015 Dodge Dart

2015 Dodge Dart engine

Maybe biggest change we expect under the hood, where 2015 Dodge Dart could offer more options. Current models 2.0-l I4 drivetrain will be carried over. In addition, we will have diesel option and possibly hybrid variant of 2015 Dart. All-wheel drive system will come as standard, bringing better handling and control of the vehicle. New 9-speed auto gearbox is being prepared, but it is not sure yet would it be installed in the 2015 Dodge Dart.

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