2015 Dodge Durango

Enough space for 7 passengers, plenty of room and power for towing, 2015 Dodge Durango is about to be best SUV from this company in the market. For the current model, there were made many changes, such as new transmission, interior with infotainment system and materials used in the cabin. Now, for 2015 year model, we haven’t announced anything from the company, so we will need to wait. However, premiere won’t happen before 2015 so there is enough time for many modifications.

2015 Dodge Durango

2015 Dodge Durango exterior

The 2015 Dodge Durango will be elegant and stylish. Rumors are telling that 2015 year model could be the last run of the Durango, so it is a chance to leave great impression. It is certain that new Durango will lose some weight comparing to its predecessor, due to use of the new materials. That is good because weight drop means less fuel consumption and probably better handling.

2015 Dodge Durango interior

2015 Dodge Durango cabin

After big refresh for current model, 2015 Durango should come with 8-speed auto transmission, sophisticated interior and fresh cabin. Interior will be highlight of the vehicle, where we expect all latest technologies to be implemented in it. Buyers expect nothing but the best from Durango and we are sure Dodge won’t fail. Some of the possible features for new Durango are soft materials of the seats and many infotainment systems, such as 5-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio. However, there will be enough space inside the vehicle for 7 passengers. The 2015 Dodge Durango should get more cabin volume than its predecessor with 84.5 cubic feet.

2015 Dodge Durango

2015 Dodge Durango engine

Engines were without complains for current model, so Dodge will probably decide not to replace them. Experts and buyers were delighted with 3.6-l V6, so it is certain we will have same engine as standard drivetrains. Rear-wheel drive system and all-wheel drive will be options for buyers. This engine will be capable of producing 290 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. With additional trim packages, outputs could raise up to 295 hp. Other option will be 5.7-l V8, more powerful engine which will bring 360 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Even power is increased, it is believed that fuel consumption could go for better with 2015 Dodge Durango.

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