2015 Dodge Rampage

This is a concept car which represents the company’s vision how modern, non conventional pickups should look. According to exterior designer Scott Krugger, Rampage was designed as a truck for people who aren’t into trucks, more for non conventional truck buyers. Although it shares the name with some old sub-compact pickup truck which was manufactured in early ‘80’s, it doesn’t shares too many similarities with it. The 2015 Rampage is much larger pickup, which is designed to be not only a functional, but also very good looking one, in order to attractive to wide range of different customers.

2015 Dodge Rampage

2015 Dodge Rampage redesign

The 2015 Dodge Rampage is designed to be functional, but it is also very stylish. Its overall dimensions are pretty much the same as in Dodge Dakota, so there is no doubt that this is very comfortable and spacious pickup. Up front, new model features well known Dodge’s front fascia, which includes six-side crossbar grille and rectangular headlights. The profile of this pickup looks just amazing. The main characteristics are double-muscled flare fenders and big 22-inch tires.

2015 Dodge Rampage

Thanks to rear doors, which open in opposite way, there is a plenty of glass area, which gives 2015 Rampage some coupe-like visual experience. But that is not the only good thing with rear doors. Access to the spacious and comfortable interior is exceptional. The interior of 2015 Rampage looks great. It combines modern and classic elements and it feature nice-looking overhead “front to rear” console, which is equipped with many entertainment features, so drive will be interesting for all passengers.

2015 Dodge Rampage

2015 Dodge Rampage engine

Like every Dodge model, 2015 Rampage has not only a striking look, but also excellent performances. Although engine area doesn’t look too big, it is able to accommodate powerful 5.7 liter V8 HEMI engine. It delivers 345 horsepower and it will be coupled with 5-speed automatic transmission. There is also a possibility that 2015 Dodge Rampage will be offered in diesel variant, but it is still not confirmed yet.

2015 Dodge Rampage release date and price

Although release date is still unknown, it is expected that 2015 Dodge Rampage will be launched by the end of this year. Starting price is expected to be around 30.000 dollars.

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