2015 Ford Bronco

Bronco is the first SUV vehicle made by American company Ford. The first generation was made in 1966 and it was meant to rival Jeep SUVs. In 2015 we expect restyled and redesigned 2015 Ford Bronco. This vehicle has been producing for almost 50 years. After first generation of SUV, which was very popular, second one was started its production in 1978. Second generation of Bronco had a same platform as another Ford’s vehicle F-150.

2015 Ford Bronco

That model was later replaced by Ford Expedition. In 2004 Ford presented brand new concept of Bronco. They returned its retro look, but it stayed only a concept since that model had never entered the production. There is no official confirmation, but some information have leaked that we can surely expect that Ford Bronco will be back as 2015 year model.

2015 Ford Bronco interior

2015 Ford Bronco redesign

It is believed that the new 2015 Ford Bronco will be similar to Bronco concept presented in 2004. Both interior and exterior could be the same, of course with hi-tech additions developed since 2004. Also, it is possible that 2015 Ford Bronco will use other platforms, such as Ranger’s or Explorer’s. Like in 1966, competitor will be again Jeep with its Wrangler, and also Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Bronco’s  retro look will be boosted by its blocky design. Anyway, headlights in the front should be roundly designed. It is expected that 2015 Ford Bronco will have completely new grille made of chrome analogue bars.

2015 Ford Bronco

2015 Ford Bronco powertrains

Not only exterior and interior will be refreshed, but also, we can expect new lineup for the engines in 2015 Bronco. Those should have improved fuel consumption and boost its performance. There are gossips that engine lineup will be consisted of three powertrains. Those are 4.5-liter diesel engine, 5.0-liter gasoline engine, and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. Still, there is no official confirmation about them. Also, their performance is still mystery for all. It is very probable that transmission paired with engines will be twin-clutch manual, with possibility of an automatic transmission.

2015 Ford Bronco

2015 Ford Bronco release date and price

As a 2015 year model, we can expect Ford Bronco to appear at one of the car shows in 2014. It is probable that will happen in Detroit, as one of the greatest car shows. Price of this SUV unit will depend on trim levels buyers pick, but it is believed that price won’t be under $26,000. Depending on engines and features, it is probable that you will add couple more thousands to this price.

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