2015 Ford Raptor

One of the biggest car shows brought us a lot of new vehicles. Detroit was a place where entire car industry had a chance to prove their work and showoff. This year, this show was stolen by a Ford’s pick-up truck F150, among many sport, exotic cars and attractive SUVs. Well, for is the best selling car company US, so they mustn’t fail in such shows. But, what we expect is Raptor, as a high performance model of F150. The SVT Raptor should have all that standard F150 has, with many additions and performance tuning. Since it was presented in 2009, Raptor has established itself in car industry as a truck for deserts and other unreachable places for other trucks. The 2015 Raptor is expected few months after F150’s premiere in Detroit.

 2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Ford Raptor redesign

Back in 2013, a platform called Atlas was introduced and it is very possible that the new 2015 Ford Raptor will be built on that concept. That means it will probably come with squared-off front fenders with defined rocker panels and aggressive-looking tailgate, distinct headlight setup, colored strip and SVT badges on the side-view mirrors. For the hard grounds, Ford prepared 35-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires. These tires were especially delivered for this model and these should make driving easier bringing stability and better connection with ground. The 2015 Ford Raptor  is very similar to the F150, so expect many same changes on these two off-roaders. One of them will be weight drop using aluminum and other lighter materials. This loss will be significant and will be shown the best on the efficiency end.

 2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Ford Raptor engine

There is no announce for the big changes for the 2015 Ford Raptor, so it is certain that this model will come with same engine range as current model. And, that would be powerful 6.2-liter SOHC V-8. Anyway, power is expected to be little higher with 450 horsepower. Fuel economy is important point for all new vehicles, and  2015 Ford Raptor  could brag, because it is expected to improve its MPG numbers for 10-15 %.

 2015 Ford Raptor

2015 Ford Raptor release date

The 2015 Ford Raptor  is a relative to 205 F150. It is something like younger brother of F150, and since this one has been presented in Detroit’s car show, we could expect  2015 Raptor  in next few months. Also, market sales for 2015 F150 will start in second half of 2014 and for the 2015 Raptor expect with delay.

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