2015 Ford Troller

Based on the 2012 Troller TR-X concept car, this SUV will finally enter the serial production. It will be also heavily influenced by Bronco Concept, which was presented almost 10 years ago, so it isn’t wonder that this car is already named as “Brazilian Ford Bronco. It will be manufactured by Troller Veículos Especiais, which is a Ford’s subsidiary division in Brazil. Although it is not officially confirmed, it is expected that 2015 Ford Troller will be produced for domestic market so you should not expect to see it in North America.

2015 Ford Troller front view

2015 Ford Troller design

The 2015 Ford Troller will be based on TR-X concept that was presented two years ago on 2012 Sao Paolo Auto Show. It will feature very similar outside look, but it will also have some unique characteristics. Some of the highlights will be new LED headlights, slightly reshaped grille with boldly imprinted “Troller” logo, big 17-inch alloy wheels with wide fenders which are integrated into 2015 Troller’s body etc. Light configuration includes round headlights and small, also round, fog lights that are pretty much in the style of Wrangler. Basically it will be very similar type of a SUV, but with some Ford’s charm added. On the other side, interior of 2015 Troller will be pretty basic, without many modern technologies included. All controls will be analog, while dashboard will show only basic information.

2015 Ford Troller side view

2015 Ford Troller engine

Although it isn’t officially confirmed yet, it is expected that 2015 Ford Troller will be powered by 3.2 liter inline-five diesel engine, developed by Troller Veículos Especiais. It will be paired with 6-manual transmission and, according to some rumors, this diesel engine equipped with turbocharger will have an output between 185 and 200 horsepower and around 350 lb-ft of max torque. However, you should take this information with big reserve – the exact details probably won’t be known before 2015 Troller arrives.

2015 Ford Troller rear view

2015 Ford Troller release date and price

We expect to see 2015 Ford Troller on the market in very near future. However, it probably won’t be available in North America. Price is expected to go around 45.000 dollars.