2015 GMC Savana

The 2015 GMC Savana van is utility vehicle which wasn’t changed for a while. Last big update was in current model, which got new engine, but other things haven’t been changed. For 2015 year model, we expect again this full-size can. Towing capacity will be unchanged and 2015 Savana will be capable to tow 10.000 pounds. Also 8-15 passengers could travel in the van, depending on model you pick.

2015 GMC Savana

2015 GMC Savana competition

The 2015 GMC Savana will face competition in Chevy Express, which is very similar to Savana. Other competitor comes from Ford with its E-Series Wagon. This one is also very similar model to 2015 Savana. But, advantage of the GM vans is their wider option of engines offered inside their vans. Also, AWD is making difference. New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is in advantage in fuel economy and great handling, but also costs more. Nissan NV is a new competitor with large interior room, but we still believe it can’t compete with new GMC Savana.

2015 GMC Savana

2015 GMC Savana models

The 2015 GMC Savana represents a van from full-size lineup. Two trim levels will be available for the van. Base models will carry the LS mark and LT name addition is reserved for top-end variations. However, there will be three versions available. Basic 1500 and two heavy duty 2500 and 3500 from new GMC Savana will be offered. Standard wheelbase for all of three will be 135 inches long. That configuration is good for taking 8-12 passengers. However, 3500 models of 2015 Savana will have special edition with 155 inch long wheelbase. This extended van can take up to 15 passengers.

2015 GMC Savana

2015 GMC Savana pros and cons

One of the highlight of the 2015 GMC Savana is its towing capacity. It can carry around 10.000 pounds of cargo, or take up to 15 passengers. Price for such abilities is average for its full-size vans class. However, handling could be better, with competitors are significantly in front. Also, handling is not perfect, so city ride could be problematic. If it keeps V8 engine, it will be powerful enough, but driving and cornering could be problematic.

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