2015 Honda Accord Coupe

There is no need for some special word of introduction for this model. Honda Accord is present for more than 40 years and it is known as one the best mid-size sedans around. This model is not only known for its quality, it has always been praised for innovations so, it is expected that 2015 year model will continue in the same way. Honda prepares several body styles for new season in order to increase already great sale results. One of them is 2015 Accord Coupe.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe

2015 Honda Accord Coupe design

It is expected that 2015 Honda Accord Coupe will be designed in Honda’s position in USA. However, it will not be a whole new model. It will be only a refreshment of current, ninth generation of Accord. According to our reliable source, changes will not be so big. Most of them will be inside. The driver seat is new and it is 8-way adjustable with memory functions. Spacious and comfortable cabin, extra large windows and fantastic Pandora interface are already well known things. For 2015 Accord Coupe, Honda will probably offer some new wheel and new color options, both inside and outside.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe interior

2015 Honda Accord Coupe engine

The two basic engine offers will remain the same. The first one is 2.4 4-cylinde petrol engine. This one, mainly designed for European market, makes 185 horses and 181 lb-ft. The other engine, which is primarily designed for North American market is bigger and more powerful. It is 3.5 V6 petrol engine which has an output of 278 horses and 252 lb-ft. Both of those engines are paired with 6-speed automatic or CVT transmission. There are also predictions that 2015 Honda Accord Coupe will be available in hybrid variant, but those are only guesses. If it happen, it will be a combination of some petrol engine (maybe same 2.4) and some electric motors, which will make this model extra efficient, although it already has good results when it is about fuel economy.

2015 Honda Accord Coupe

2015 Honda Accord Coupe release date and price

The 2015 Honda Accord Coupe will probably be launched in late 2014 period. Expected starting price is 35.000 dollars and it will be in a very wide range, depending on level of equipment.