2015 Honda CRZ

Honda is trying to keep track with its rival companies. So, 2015 CRZ won’t be family and economical car, it will be respond for show-off vehicles from other on companies. It is mainly targeted Renault Megane RS’s record set for FWD vehicles at Nurburgring track. This vehicle will be developed from other Honda power car, Civic Type R. The 2015 Honda CRZ will have few variations, and it will be different from current Honda’s Euro-type R models.

2015 Honda CRZ

2015 Honda CRZ platform

From insider information, it is expected to 2015 Honda CRZ be built on new Type R’s concept. This R concept is already in use for European vehicles, but not so far for CRZ. These are based on Honda Jazz and Honda Fit platforms with center-tank layout. That was successful concept for Europe and Asia, but main, US market is not tested yet. Honda has offered Civic to North America, but it is not even near to the powerful Type R vehicles. Previous try of reaching US market with CRZ failed. Attractive and sporty CRZ had attractive exterior design, but what lacked is its performance on the road. It was used from competitors Toyota and Subaru, and with new concept, Honda is planning to get back on tracks.

2015 Honda CRZ

2015 Honda CRZ engine

The 2015 Honda CRZ prototype is packed with current Type R’s 2.0-liter engine. Engineers are working hard to launch this vehicle as soonest as possible as a response to so-called Toyobaru’s vehicle, whose premiere is expected soon. International name for this prototype is CR-Z Type R. But, according to latest rumors, people in Honda are not pleased with this engine, so they turn attention to develop of the new turbocharged 1.5-liter direct injection 4-cylinder. This will be capable of producing 220 hp, which is 100 hp more than current vehicles. Engine could be paired with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, while dropping manual gearbox from its options. Emissions will be reduced and mileage improved.

2015 Honda CRZ

2015 Honda CRZ price

European models of R type vehicles costs near $40.000 which won’t help with taking over US market. To be competent, Honda will have to offer a vehicle which cost approx $30.000, which is in their plans. Release of the 2015 Honda CRZ is planned after premiere of the 2015 Civic.

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