2015 Honda Fit

The rumors from many Japanese car magazines came to be true. Leaked information about new Honda Fit are confirmed, so we’ll have this vehicle as 2015 year model. Main changes for this car will be new design and hybrid variants that will be made for US market. However, it is not confirmed, and it could be that US market won’t get 2015 Fit, but some similar vehicle, as small crossover SUV made on Pit’s platform.

2015 Honda Fit

2015 Honda Fit redesign

Honda Fit, known also as Jazz in other markets, hadn’t big changes in several years. The redesign of 2015 Honda Fit will be a big step for the company. Restyling will rejuvenate this brand of Honda lineup. Last model of Fit had slow sell, so changes are needed. It could be made by making this car hybrid. Their main target is to surpass Civic Hybrid, but still Toyota Prius is still too far to be caught immediately.

The 2015 Honda Fit will be the first car to be made on the new design language, which is called “Exciting H.”. That means, 2015 Fit will be sleeker, bolder and more aggressive-looking than the current egg-like Fit. This design is similar to the competitors – Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta.

2015 Honda Fit interior

Interior of the car will be completely restyled. Honda have learnt lesson from 2012 Civic debacle, so 2015 Fit will be cleaner, more upscale, less busy interior.

2015 Honda Fit engine

Under the hood of the 2015 Honda Fit should be 1.5-liter, Atkinson-cycle engine mated with a 22-kw electric motor and battery. Transmission on this vehicle should be the new seven speed dual clutch gearbox. Usual for Honda’s hybrids is integrated motor assist hybrid system, but for the 2015 Honda Fit is prepared new hybrid drivetrain that will make possible driving in electric-only mode.

2015 Honda Fit

In Japanese testing, which is different from usual, 2015 Fit had fuel consumption of 86 mpg. But, it is way different, so to make a parallel, that is the same mpg economy as Prius C.

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