2015 Honda Insight

The future of this Honda’s hybrid car has big question mark. Although it is portend as a car of the future, it turns out that this project is one of the biggest failures in whole history of Japanese automaker. Although it has pretty much the same characteristics as Prius, it was newer even close to parry Toyota’s model. Simply, the car that took the hybrid fight to the Toyota Prius and lost.

2015 Honda Insight

2015 Honda Insight – Release date and market launch

Honda is still producing 2014 model, but there are some speculations that they are not preparing for a 2015 model. According to some sources, usual preparations such as advertising materials are not taking place. However, Honda itself has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but it wouldn’t come as a shock if Honda does pull the plug.

2015 Honda Insight interior

We will give you some statistic information about Insight sales in last several years so you can understand what is this all about. In 2009, which was an introduction year, it was sold somewhere around 20,000 units, in 2011 around 15,000 and in 2012 slightly over 22,000 unit. On the other side, Toyota has the result that counts hundreds of thousands every year. To be even worse for Insight, you probably didn’t know that even Honda’s own model Civic Hybrid has more units sold although basic model costs 5000 dollars more. Also, there is Fit model which is more popular than Insight in Japan. There is a big chance Fit Sedan to be offered for U.S. market instead Insight. The Fit is perfect choice for those saver-minded because it has a decent fuel economy and it is much more fun to drive than Insight. There is unnecessarily anything else to say.

2015 Honda Insight

2015 Honda Insight style

If you still interested in buying 2015 Honda Insight, there is some information about it: It has very similar look to Prius, but in front it has headlights give sharpness to this car. Just like head, rear lights of 2015 Honda Insight are also LED. It has 15-inch wheels and three trim levels Base, LX and EX.

2015 Honda Insight

The 2015 Insight has four doors and it can accommodate five passengers. It has safety features such as ABS, airbags, stability control, traction control etc. The 2015 Honda Insight will be powered with 1.3 liter petrol engine and it makes 98 horsepower. Fuel efficiency is 41 mpg in the city, 44 mpg on the highway and 42 mpg combined.

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