2015 Lexus IS F

The second generation of the Lexus IS F, as a 2015 year model car is not expected to be unveiled soon. What is sure, is that this car will be available as sedan and a coupe vehicle. It will be built under the recent LF-CC concept, like its predecessor.  There are few characteristics for the IS in the name – like new guard vents, morphed to suit the more contemporary Lexus surface language, and F body mods are detailed with rear and profile treatments.

2015 Lexus IS F

2015 Lexus ISF design

There are reports telling that Lexus will make coupe version of 2015 IS F. It is rumored that work is ongoing for the high-powered two-door car. Coupe should be direct in IS range, and that F model will be backed by the later trademarking of the RCF moniker.

2015 Lexus IS F interior

For manufacturing, it is expected that the 2015 Lexus IS F will have greater use of carbon fiber. The first cars for 2015 Lexus IS F will be made in composite specialist Motomachi plant. Using of the modern materials will make 2015 Lexus IS F lighter from current 1700 kg. Weight drop will result with better performance and dynamic advantages.

2015 Lexus IS F engines

Lexus needs to confirm lineup for the 2015 IS F. As its competitors, BMW M3 and M4, it is probable that 2015 Lexus IS F will also replace current V8 forced-induction unit. The Mercedes-Benz C 63 also did it with downsizing its 6.2-l to a 4.0-l turbo V8, because of fuel economy and emissions.

2015 Lexus IS F rear view

Current model’s powertrain in 5.0-liter V8 with 416 hp and 372 ft-lb and bad fuel efficiency of 11.4l/100km. If the new 2015 Lexus IS F uses the IS 350’s twin-turbo is 3.5-l V6 it could reduce fuel consumption and offer outputs well beyond the current model. It will cost Lexus of their V8, but will give success at tuning new LFA’s V10 note.

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