2015 Mercedes E-class

The 2015 Mercedes E-class comes refreshed for next year. German carmaker is planning all new generation for E-class in 2017, so for now, just minor changes are to be made, because current model got big haul. Since 2010, when this generation of E-class has been selling, it has received excellent critics, and market sales were great. Mercedes is about to continue it with new Mercedes E-class. With just small refresh, new vehicle could look the same as current model. But, there will be few changes to make the difference. However, what was rumored for a while – that 2015 E-class will come as hybrid, appeared not to be true. New E-class won’t use hybrid V6 or any other electric power sources.

2015 Mercedes E-class

2015 Mercedes E-class engine

Engine choice for 2015 Mercedes E-class will be twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. This powertrain is good to deliver 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque through seven-speed automatic transmission. This is one of the most powerfull vehicle from Mercedes, and most powerful in E-class family with outputs which could easily make him one of the AMG models. For one of the next years, it is planned that E-class will get V8 engine.

2015 Mercedes E-class

2015 Mercedes E-class price and release date

Prices of Mercedes E-class 2015 model will differ depending on model and package chosen from wide range of offer. It won’t probably change a lot from current prices which start at around $50.000. New 2015 E-class is about to be launched in next spring.

2015 Mercedes E-class redesign

Same curves as current model has will be used for 2015 Mercedes E-class. Just small changes, and tech systems inside the cabin will be applied. Highlights are revisited, air intakes are larger and hood is straighter. There will be two types of grille, for luxury models and traditional 3-bar grille. Rear flanks are more streamlined. Sport models get larger plate-sized emblem set dead center in the middle of a more aggressive two-bar grille.

2015 Mercedes E-class

2015 Mercedes E-class safety

Wide range of safety systems are prepared for 2015 Mercedes E-class. Among others, there will be collision mitigation pre-braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. Also, new E-class is equipped with occupant protection in rear-end collisions and drowsy driver alert.

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