2015 Mercedes G class

Familiar boxy look of the G-class will be kept for 2015 year models. Somehow, whenever you hear about this type of vehicle you imagine its unique look. So, 2015 Mercedes G class with its well-known lines makes highlight in German carmaker offer. First model dates back in ’70 when it was designed for Iranian military. Now, we have luxurious SUV with old-school look and modern systems used all over the vehicle.

2015 Mercedes G class

2015 Mercedes G class interior

Current generation has exploded on technology end. So, we expect 2015 Mercedes G class to be updated and continue that. We will have Bluetooth connectivity and navigation system with 40GB of hard drive space for maps and music. Then six-DVD audio system, satellite and HD radio and iPod interface will boost fun inside 2015 G class. Interior will be equipped with wood-and-leather heated steering wheel, and heated and cooled leather seats in front. Second-row seats will be heated as well. To complete entire impression, sunroof is also part of 2015 Mercedes G class interior.

2015 Mercedes G class

2015 Mercedes G-class price and competition

The 2015 Mercedes G class is one of the most expensive and luxurious crossovers on the market. Its price is telling a lot. Around $100.000 buyer needs for base model. Competition has cheaper vehicles, but only one SUV can really compete in equipment and offer. It is Range Rover. Also, Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser are interesting replacements, but as cheaper and less equipped and less luxurious versions of 2015 G class.

2015 Mercedes G class

2015 Mercedes G-class engine

Base engine for 2015 Mercedes G-class will be 5.5-l V8, capable to deliver 388 hp. It sends power through 7-speed auto transmission system to all wheels. Higher end versions of 2015 Mercedes G class comes with same engine, but twin-turbocharged. It shows in output end, because this drivetrain delivers 544 hp. With base option, 2015 Mercedes G class sprints 0-60 mph in 6 seconds. Turbocharged G-class can do it in almost second less. Top speed is set at around 130 mph. This high performances can be felt in fuel economy end, because new Mercedes G class has estimated EPA consumption of 12/15 mpg for city and highway drive.

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