2015 Mercedes GLA

The upcoming Mercedes GLA class vehicles will be a mix of few parts from other series. High roof can be seen on B class, platform from A class and US CLA class architecture. This vehicle will be big competitor to the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The Mercedes-Benz made a lot luxury vehicles each year, and all of them are somehow connected, because, they share many parts. It won’t be changed with new 2015 Mercedes GLA, which should be breath holder for all enthusiasts.

2015 Mercedes GLA

2015 Mercedes GLA redesign

Highlight of the 2015 Mercedes GLA exterior will be its swoopy and coupe-y lines. It will be less edged than previous models from same segment. Dimensions of the 2015 GLA class is 173.9 inches long, 71.0 inches wide, and 58.8 inches tall. These are excellent combination for a city car. Five door and 18-inch wheels for base models, completes elegant look of this vehicle. Mercedes tried and succeed to avoid lifted-wagon look. Aerodynamics will be improved with underbody cladding, a rear diffuser, the same side mirrors as the sedan and other wind-cleaving design features. Difference from the GLA platform that was presented in Shanghai car show in 2013 is grille, since 2015 Mercedes GLA won’t get nor that nor the grille from CLA class.

2015 Mercedes GLA

Interior of the vehicle are taken from CLA class vehicles. Deluxe trimmings in the cabin are complementing luxury standards, and first-time buyers will be delighted. One of the major lack is less headroom on the backseat. However, comfort will be provided with sport seats. In optional trim packages, you can find extra features – heated seats, navigation, the larger seven-inch multimedia display, and driver-assistance technologies.

2015 Mercedes GLA interior

2015 Mercedes GLA engine

US market of the new Mercedes GLA will be offered with only one engine option. It will be 2.0-liter turbo four with 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This engine is borrowed from Mercedes-Benz CLA250 model. This engine has shown as very smooth and quiet. Engines will be mated to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. The 2015 Mercedes GLA will be FWD while AWD will be optional.

2015 Mercedes GLA

2015 Mercedes GLA release date and price

Release date of the 2015 GLA is set for fall of the 2014. Also AWD models could appear a little later. Price of the base models will start at $35.000 and will rise for models with better trim levels.

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