2015 Mercedes S65 AMG

For a long time Mercedes S- Class itself as a leader in its class with a combination of luxury, comfort and style. But S- Class also has a dark side which takes care of Mercedes’ AMG division , whose president Tobias Moers wants only the most powerful products.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG engine

AMG was unveiled earlier S63 AMG , but the recently completed Auto Show in Los Angeles and Tokyo comes even more powerful version of the 2015 S65 AMG with a huge 6.0L twin – turbo V12 engine , and even 621 hp . The aforementioned V12 engine is almost identical to its predecessor , but is still powerful enough to compete with rivals such as the Audi S8 and BMW 760, and even the Bentley Flying Spur . Perhaps even more impressive than the power because the torque of the engine , which amounts to 999 Nm , and power is transferred to the rear wheels via a seven-speed automatic transmission with double clutch.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG

The 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG has acceleration to 100 km / h for 4.2 seconds and a top speed limited to 250 km / h . Mercedes is also able to take down the maximum speed limit by which jumps to as much as 320 km / h . Compared to the S63 AMG , which runs V8 engine , 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG is 0.1 seconds slower , but the German carmaker mentioned that the purpose of this car that gives the driver an unforgettable driving experience instead of milliseconds difference acceleration to 100 km / h . From the design , the difference between the two models is the minimum AMG. 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG provides slightly larger grill that covers the radiator huge V12 engine with aerodynamic bumpers, then chrome strips on the doors and four exhaust pipes.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG redesign

Interior of 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG is identical in both models , which is not a flaw , and it would be difficult to make the S-Class interior more luxurious and better equipped than it already is. One of the major differences between the car ‘s suspension , as the 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG model with rear -wheel drive while the S63 AMG provides drive to all four wheels.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG interior

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG changes

Other mechanical changes are related to the brake chamber , and a 20- inch , and a brake on the data list of security measures . The new 2015 S65 AMG will be available only in a version with a longer wheelbase , while deliveries begin in March.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG price

The starting price in Germany amounts to 232.050 euros ( 310.800 dollars ), while prices in other markets are not yet known .