2015 Mercedes V-Class

When Mercedes decided to stop selling the R-Class in the European market at the end of last year after disappointing sales, German carmaker has promised customers that they will not be disappointed with the replacement. While many had expected yet another MPV ( Multi Purpose Vehicle) vehicles, Mercedes stunned the crowd with the new Vane, who wears V-Class designation, and which is intended for those who want a product with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The 2015 Mercedes V-Class will also replace another Mercedes model on offer, Viano, and the name will be the first time used in the domestic market since the van was originally introduced in 1996. The 2015 Mercedes V-Class was developed jointly with Mercedes Vito and both the outside will be produced in the same factory in Spain.

2015 Mercedes V-Class

2015 Mercedes V-Class redesign

The buyer will be able to choose between the two versions. It is shorter long 5,170 mm and provides only one door in the back while extended version, a long 5,370 mm, provides one door on each side. With a height of 1,880 mm, 2015 Mercedes V-Class will be no problem to get into all the garages and parking places. In terms of space, the standard version provides a 2+2+2 system while the extended version offers 2+3+3 system, a customer can optionally obtain the rear of the vehicle reworked to bed. As expected of a Mercedes car tag, 2015 V-Class will provide a long range of standard and optional equipment, as well as the latest security measures.

2015 Mercedes V-Class

2015 Mercedes V-Class interior

Compared to its predecessor Viano, 2015 Mercedes V-Class was developed with the idea to combine the characteristics of the commercial division with other models of the company. This especially applies to the interior, which is significantly more luxurious, and with very high quality materials. This especially applies to the dashboard, whose inspiration was the Mercedes S-Class, and this information is very refreshing in the class of important known for style and / or quality.

2015 Mercedes V-Class

2015 Mercedes V-Class engine

At the start of the customer will be able to choose between two engines. Mercedes expects most buyers to opt for the proven 2.1L diesel engine, which develops 136 hp and 330 Nm of torque, the same engine will be available in a more powerful version with 163 hp and 380 Nm of torque. Later on in the offer will appear and the most powerful diesel with 190 hp and 440 Nm of torque, which will provide an average fuel consumption of just six liters per 100 kilometers. All models will provide only one gear on offer and a seven-speed automatic transmission, which will transmit power to the front wheels.

2015 Mercedes V-Class release date and price

In the end, we mention that the official premiere of 2015 Mercedes V-Class will be at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, while sales in the domestic market starts a little later, when prices will be known.

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