2015 Ram Dakota

The 2015 Ram Dakota is coming. Exact release date is not known yet since people in company keeps it as a secret, as well as many information about design, interior, or performance of it. However, we are sure it won’t take too long before we hear official announcement about it. All enthusiasts can start saving for it. And since this model had a rough time on markets across US, it is possible that price for it could drop, which could be pleasant surprise for its buyers. Some rumors telling that we can expect 2015 Ram Dakota later this year. It is also possible that this vehicle will come as 2016 year model. Without confirmed information, it is up to us to conclude from previous versions and some gossips what could we get from 2015 Ram Dakota.

2015 Ram Dakota

2015 Ram Dakota engine

Current version of Dakota is equipped with 3.7-liter V6. This engine can deliver 210 hp. Stronger options comes from V8 drivetrains. One is 4.7-l powertrain good for 230 hp and other is 250 hp rated 4.7-l. Transmission is 5-speed auto and 6-speed manual. Anyway, these options could be carried over to the 2015 Ram Dakota. But, main improvement will be aimed to fuel economy. From Ram plans to raise it to 30 mpg. With new materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, overall weight will drop, Better aerodynamic could add more miles-per-gallon and other modifications are welcome too. So, maybe not for 2015 Dakota, but for some later vehicle, 30 mpg is possible.

2015 Ram Dakota

2015 Ram Dakota redesign

Styling for Dakota hasn’t been changed a lot from 2005 year model. Big grille dominates exterior of 2015 Ram Dakota. However, there could be found some sketches and rumors telling that some significant changes are going to be applied to 2015 Dakota. Inside it is more exciting. Luxury features won’t lack. Updated and upgraded infotainment systems with enough space for passengers and cargo make this vehicle very comfortable.

2015 Ram Dakota production

Except improvements in every area of the vehicle, Ram plans to move production of 2015 Dakota across the border. New vehicles will be build in Toluca, Mexico, so company could save on costs and raise its profit. It could be good move since Dakota is falling behind its competition.