2015 Shelby GT500

Legendary vehicle will be soon on the road again. For has been occupied with the new Mustang for couple of last months, but some gossips swirled that we could have more surprises from this company. Quickly after premiere of the new Mustang, while dust still not settled yet, we had a look at brand new 2015 Shelby GT500. As we guessed earlier, Ford decided to continue with revival of old times, when muscle cars were so popular. Shelby GT350 is also expected to be returned. The 2015 Shelby GT500 will be revival of legendary muscle car. This will be mix of high-performer and luxury equipped vehicle. Not confirmed yet, but this car could be launched as Mustang SVT Cobra. However, according to what is seen at Chicago car show, this vehicle will come with old look, which disappointed many fans and enthusiasts. Also, there are now almost certain rumors that premiere of the new 2015 Shelby GT500 will be moved and this vehicle could come as 2016 year car.

2015 Shelby GT500

2015 Shelby GT500 engine

Now it is almost clear that we are close to the car with rating of almost 700 hp. For many time and it is still unbelievable, but looks like that Shelby GT will reach the demands of its developers and get those abnormal numbers. That was the reason why people loved muscle cars. The new 2015 GT500 will be packed with the same beast of engine as its predecessor – supercharged 5.8-liter V-8. In addition, torque of this car is also unbelievable 631 lb-ft, and could be higher with rise of horsepower. Gearbox mated to this powertrain will be 6-speed manual.

2015 Shelby GT500 interior

What will be new on the 2015 Shelby GT500 is a platform, with codename S550. This vehicle will get a new rear suspension which should improve performance. Of course, aerodynamic will be boosted with some small details on the exterior, which would lead to better fuel economy, which is not so important for muscle cars, but also improved performance, which is one of the main highlight of this type of vehicles.

2015 Shelby GT500

2015 Shelby GT500 price

When it is still uncleared will new Shelby GT500 be a model for 2015 year or company will delay its arrival, it is very hard to guess the price. All presumptions will be blind shots. But, what is sure, with any improvement and addition, price will rise from the one that current vehicle has, and it is $55.000 for base models. With newly announced carbon-ceramic brakes and fancy tires, price can easily go over $60.000.

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