2015 Toyota Alphard

The 2015 Toyota Alphard will be another minivan from this company. Japanese buyers with it will have larger choice of picking their favourites. This vehicle will have two variations – called Velfire and Alphard Type Gold LL. Toyota has revisited its interior and exterior so we can expect new details, badging, trims and carpets. Also, performance will be boosted, so we will have new specifications. However, two variations will be very similar, with slight modifications, mostly in the decorations, both interior and exterior.

2015 Toyota Alphard

2015 Toyota Alphard redesign

Some of the features will be kept from previous models, but new Alphard is expected to be revisited and many new technologies will be included. It is expected that new 2015 Alphard will be very spacious and comfortable minivan for big families. Also, long trips won’t be problems with its comfort and infotainment add-ons.

2015 Toyota Alphard interior

The new Toyota Alphard will be pretty luxurious vehicle, no matter on its size, and this is not only in its class, but generally speaking. Inside the vehicle, seats will be adjustable, both driver’s and passengers’. Doors will be equipped with dual remote control power for better sliding. Interior will be spacious, and 10-inch LCD monitor will hang from rear rooftop. Also, we will have twin moon roof. Comfort will be boosted with refined leather seats, triple zone automatic climate control with pollen filter and Nanoe air purifying function. Safety will be also improved for the new 2015 Toyota Alphard. Better aerodynamics should bring better consumption rates.

2015 Toyota Alphard

2015 Toyota Alphard engine

One of the main changes for the 2015 Alphard to the previous model of this vehicle is its leght. This vehicle is longer, wider and roomier. So, that means, Toyota had to develop more powerful drivetrains for this vehicle. There will be two versions of engines offered for the 2015 Toyota Alphard – first is 2.4-l 4-cyllinder powertrain that could deliver 167 horsepower.

2015 Toyota Alphard

Models on the far end of price line will be offered with 3.5-liter V6 which could develop 276 hp through front wheels. However, AWD will be also offered.

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