2015 Toyota FCV-R review

The 2015 Toyota FCV-R powered by hydrogen fuel cells will have its premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in late November 2013th. This model will be offered to customers on select markets 2015th year , according to the Japanese company.

2015 toyota FCV-R  spy photo

2015 Toyota FCV-R design

Automakers lately tend to notice as the premiere of a new model announcement disguised test prototype photos . Thus, Toyota, just weeks before the domestic , the Tokyo Motor Show display model FCV-R, showed a prototype of the car covered with camouflage wrap.

2015 Toyota FCV-R camouflage

Although the details of the car carefully hidden , it is evident that the production model looks much more conservative in relation to the concept of Toyota FCV-R from the 2011th. Probably in the Japanese company, this time decided not to risk the unusual design concept version , and 2015 Toyota FCV -R seems like a mix of the previous generation Prius and Corolla. This model is a mid – size family sedan.

2015 Toyota FCV-R performance

Toyota has not published a new technical details, but based on the data they presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show , the car on a single charge can move up to 680 km.

2015 Toyota FCV-R Concept-fuel-cell-badge

The company said the 2015 FCV -R will be offered to customers in selected markets during the 2015th year. In addition to the developed infrastructure and the necessary charging stations , it is certain that the criteria for the selection of countries in which the car will be sold and the purchasing power of consumers.

2015 toyota fcv-r concept interior

2015 Toyota FCV-R price

It is estimated that in the U.S. cost between 50 and 100 thousand dollars, and the Japanese company plans annual sales of 5,000 to 10,000 of these cars. More technical details will be known after the premiere of the 2015 Toyota FCV -R.