2015 Toyota Hilux

The first showing of the Toyota Hilux was in 2005. Since that, new models haven’t any major changes. The 2015 Toyota Hilux will be the first vehicle of this lineup with some significant changes. So far, Hilux was a vehicle for careful and slow city drive. Since its premiere it had big success, and now it is a top ranked truck. What made its success are purpose, functionality, quality and efficiency. Now, for the 2015 Hilux, we can expect huge redesign on the vehicle. But, feedbacks from truck lovers are good, so we can wait for official unveiling to be confirmed so we can try it also.

 2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux redesign

The 2015 Toyota Hilux will have a new design. It won’t keep same from its predecessor and will have many improvements. New Hilux will be designed to handle different types of terrain and in all kinds of weather. Also, it will have more additions which should amaze all buyers and enthusiasts. There won’t be lacks in performance and style on the 2015 Toyota Hilux. Huge part in this changes had an Australian department of Japanese company. That will continue the work from previous model, for which they received a lot of positive feedbacks and praise. Expected changes for the 2015 model will be made in cabin, design and increased cargo up to 3000 kg. New interior will contain a lot of new features, with center dashboard which was never seen before. Materials used for the cabin will shine with its luxury and elegance.

 2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux engine specs

Engines for the 2015 Toyota Hilux are still kept as a secret. There are no any numbers given from official statements or leaked information. Anyway, using the other info obtained from other sources, we can partly guess what kind of engines we can expect. Rules for the CO2 emissions are becoming more strict. That means, Toyota will have to put more efficient engine, but not to lose its power. As a powerful truck, we can expect AWD system. Day of arrive of the 2015 Toyota Hilux is still far away, so company has enough time to make and put best combination for this vehicle and keep its supremacy on truck market.

 2015 Toyota Hilux

2015 Toyota Hilux release date

Release date of the new 2015 Hilux is still far away. We can expect it in second part of the 2015.

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