2015 Toyota Prado

One of the many Toyota’s newcomers for this year as 2015 models will be Prado. With a small refresh, 2015 Toyota Prado will get new front end. Other areas will be very similar or the same as for current model, while the vehicle will be offered in few trim levels. Main markets for the 2015 Toyota Prado will be Middle East, where this vehicle will be available with more options.

2015 Toyota Prado

2015 Toyota Prado engines

Toyota will release 2015 Prado in many variations. Of course, there will be also few engine options available for different markets. The common for all vehicles will be that power will be distributed through all four wheels. Main market, the Saudi Arabian will get 2015 Prado with auto and manual gearbox, while UAE dealerships will sell only vehicles with automatic gearbox. Available drivetrains will be “VVT-i” engines as 2.7-litre 4-cylinder and a 4.0-litre V6, in many variations and trim packages.

2015 Toyota Prado

2015 Toyota Prado trim levels

Few trim levels will be available for 2015 Prado. Base models, with 2.7-l engine will be available in three trim levels. The TX for KSA and EXR for UAE will offer 17-inch alloy wheels and black front grille with rear spoiler, mud guards, keyless entry and 6-speaker audio system.

Mid range variation of 2015 Toyota Prado with 2.7-l engine will be called TXL in KSA. Same trim level will be offered in UAE as GXR. It has same equipment as entry level model, with additions of side steps, leather steering wheel and shift lever. Security will be improved with rear parking sensors. Other additional features will be fog lamps, front bumper guard and stability control. Model for UAE will be equipped with some more features. Also, this market will offer highest trip of 2.7-l models – VXR, which won’t be available in KSA. Of course, this will be most equipped model.

2015 Toyota Prado

The new Toyota Prado with 4.0-l engine will also have three variations. Entry level will be called EXR in UAE and will be equipped with door-mounted spare tire. Other features will be almost the same as for 2.7-l EXR.

Mid-range 2015 Prado will feature tow hitch and side mouldings. This one will be available as TXL in KSA and GXR in UAE.

Higher-end trim level of the 4.0-l Prado will be TXL2 in KSA and VXR in UAE. Extra equipment for this will be sunroof, dual auto climate control and rear camera.

2015 Toyota Prado

2015 Toyota Prado release date

Premiere of the 2015 Toyota Prado is expected in next couple of months, while market sale start date and price are still unknown.

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