2015 Toyota Sienna

For the Toyota, 2014 will be very busy year with all preparations with models for upcoming year. One of many vehicles from this company’s factory will be 2015 Toyota Sienna. This vehicle will suffer redesign, mainly because of the unsuccessful campaign with last model. Last year, we had a chance to see one vehicle based on the Sienna model, and it quickly became one of the best-selling cars in the United States. That vehicle was Toyota Camry. Now, brought with its success, Toyota hopes that same fate will catch the 2015 Sienna.

2015 Toyota Sienna

2015 Toyota Sienna redesign

There is no official statements about 2015 Toyota Sienna. It has been confirmed that we will have new, redesigned car for 2015 year, but what does it mean, no information is available. However, there should be changes on both interior and exterior. Seeing changes on other Toyota vehicles for 2015 year, we can be sure that weight reduction is unavoidable for 2015 Sienna. With all new materials used, vehicle should perform better, and diet will improve its MPG rate. There are possibilities of new bumpers, lights and grille. Inside the car, we will have luxury details. From standard equipment, worth of mentioning are new steering wheel, new dashboard, advanced navigation system and new seats. We can expect some more room inside the cabin. Infotainment systems won’t lack also, with new DVD player and sound system, and many more connectivity options.

2015 Toyota Sienna interior

2015 Toyota Sienna engine

Design of the 2015 Toyota Sienna will be changed, but there are no any updates on engine ranges. So, there is almost certain that powertrains will be carried over from last model. And, that is 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 266 hp. The 2015 Toyota Sienna could come also as hybrid, but it is unknown yet. Transmission for this vehicle will be 6-speed auto. Also, it is expected that new 2015 Sienna will get new brake system.

2015 Toyota Sienna engine

2015 Toyota Sienna release date and price

There are plenty of rumors, but according to all of them, we cannot expect new Sienna to have its premiere this year. It could happen early in 2015. However, price for it is predictable if there won’t be big changes, and it would be around $30.000.

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