2015 Toyota Supra

In the 2015, Toyota will come with new Supra. An iconic car which became famous during 90s, with its easy tuning  and affordable price for the sport car. Legendary car from 90s, whose last generation have ended with production seven years ago, is now ready for resurrection. New generation of Supra won’t be released before 2015.

2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra redesign

What made Supra so popular will be seen on the new, redesigned 2015 year model. Well known wing at the back and the logo badge will remain trademarks of this vehicle. With few years of silence, new 2015 Supra will come with large alloy wheels and revisited, but still nice and sporty curves. Attractive design is one of the great advantages of the Supra, which is very important in sport car industry. Other thing is high performance, which won’t be failure from Japanese manufacturer. Concepts using for building the 2015 Toyota Supra were the FT-HS Concept and the FT-86. Entire impression should see this car as elegant, luxurious, modern sport vehicle with futuristic details on its exterior and interior. Details for interior of 2015 Supra are not unveiled yet, but expect a lot of hi-tech features and very useful safety elements.

2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra engine

Supra branded its name by extremely well performance numbers. Expect that 2015 Toyota Supra won’t be in remnant after its supercars competitors. When 2015 Toyota Supra enters the sales, it will be powerful as their opponents. Engine options are still a topic of argue inside the company and it is not decided yet which drive unit will be used. There are talks about hybrid version. In the mix there is a 3.5 liter V6 unit producing 350 HP and 372 Nm of torque. On the other side is 5-l V8 powertrain with 450 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. So far, only hybrid option of 2015 Toyota Supra is pretty certain. Expect top speed of petrol engine,  whichever it be, to get around 275 km/h.

2015 Toyota Supra

2015 Toyota Supra release date and price

Since it is still in development phase, we can’t expect the new Supra before 2015. Price is expected to be somewhere between $40.000 and $50.000. It is not confirmed yet, but according to early price prediction and rumors from insiders, 2015 Toyota Supra will be Toyota’s No1 vehicle for the 2015 year.

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