2015 Toyota Tacoma

For 2014, Toyota made ​​a small cosmetic changes to the model Tacoma . A complete redesign of the model is expected for model 2015 Toyota Tacoma . Still no official information of this model but it is expected that the model will be built on the new platform and several new engines on offer.
 2015 Toyota Tacoma

2015 Toyota Tacoma trim level

When it comes to the models that will be on offer in 2015 is expected a big change . Regular Cab models will cease to be produced . This model was offered from the beginning of Tacoma models, but now the decision was made due to poor sales of the model it is expelled from the line Tacoma models.
 2015 Toyota Tacoma top view

2015 Toyota Tacoma engine

Most of the changes expected 2015 Tacoma engine . Even talking about the possibility that the offer find a hybrid engine but this is still a matter of speculation . We offer a wide range of engines expect from the most powerful 4.2 L V6 engine , over 3.5 L V6 engine to the weakest 2.7 L engine . These engines will be mated to a 5 speed and 6 speed transmission and releases will be manual and automatic transmission . Is expected to improve when it comes to fuel consumption which is expected to slightly lower energy .

2015 Toyota Tacoma engine

 2015 Toyota Tacoma design

When we talk about the design of the model 2015 Tacoma is expected to use light metals especially aluminum in the development of the cab , which should reduce the overall weight of the vehicle . The 2015 Tacoma should be placed on the new platform . Changes to the vehicle interior bring latest audio system , JBL Premium sound and integrated backup camera, which should ease the drive .
 2015 Toyota Tacoma - interior

2015 Tacoma release date and price

Not yet know the exact release date of the new 2015 Tacoma models, but is expected to be in the second half of 2014. Expected to increase slightly in price compared to the previous model of 200-700 dollars. All things considered it is expected that in 2015 Tacoma model to be the best buy in the sector of mid -size truck.

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