2015 Toyota Yaris

It has been 15 years since the first appearance of Toyota Yaris. Back then, in 1999, when first generation of the vehicle has been launched, it has been selling across US under the name Echo. Now, after 15 years, we have third generation 2015 Toyota Yaris. This, last generation was launched in 2011. Previously, second generation of Yaris debuted in 2005. However, we are still waiting a model for North American market. But, 2015 Toyota Yaris we saw has only few changes to the previous model.

2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris platform

Platform used for the 2015 Toyota Yaris will be the same that next Mazda 2 will get. Car production is set in Mexico, so we need to wait eagerly for launch of it in US market. In Japan, car is launched under the name 2015 Toyota Vitz. Other markets has got 2015 Toyota Yaris with medium corrections in exterior design. The design is picked from Aygo and the Yaris Hybrid-R concept. So, most of the changes will cone on front and rear end. On the back of the car new LED lights will be installed and diffuser in the bumper. Inside will be more spacious, with some motor noise reduction systems. However, all models of the 2015 Yaris will get X motif as a common styling feature for the vehicle.

2015 Toyota Yaris interior

2015 Toyota Yaris engine

While 2015 Toyota Yaris has debuted, its premiere came through photo and press release from company. However, they didn’t give any info about engine and specification. But, leaked sources tell that new Yaris will be powered from two engines, at choice of buyers. New engines, 1.0-l and 1.3-l powertrains will be petrol options, while there will be offered 1.4-diesel engine. However, some rumors bring the information about new 1.6-l engine with four-cylinders and 6-speed gearbox. His will be able to deliver over 100 hp. Also, hybrid option is expected, and rumors tell that 2015 Yaris will get petrol engine connected to a electric motor which could deliver around 60 hp.

2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris competition

When company decides to officially unveil 2015 Yaris, the hatchback will face competition in Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Mazda 2 and Hyundai Accent.