2016 BMW 9 Series

On the Beijing Auto Show BWM presented new concept car called BMW Vision Future Luxury. Although this is just a concept car, it is pretty much for sure that this type of a vehicle will see daylight very soon. According to some insider information, this concept car represents the Bavarian vision of super sedan, bigger than 7 Series, called 9 Series and, according to same source, it will launched very soon, probably as 2016 year model. This luxury sedan will be the top model of Bavarian car maker and beside its luxury, it will be characterized by latest technology innovations such as new extra light platform, new engines, latest hi-tech features and much more.

2016 BMW 9 Series

2016 BMW 9 Series design

When most of manufacturers try to enlarge their low-end line up, BMW goes in totally opposite direction. The company’s management feels that there is lot of potential for hi-luxury cars in many markets all over the world, especially in Eastern Asia, to be more precise in China. As we already know, BMW had already experimented with extended versions of 7 Series model and it proved successful.

2016 BMW 9 Series

This time longest variant will comes as all new model and it will use new extra lightweight platform. The front end looks pretty much as Gran Lusso, especially when it is about front grille and headlights. The front bumper of 2016 BMW 9 Series is in some Pininfarina style and features some chrome trims and fog lights similar to those on the brand new Active Tourer. When you look 2016 BMW 9 Series, you can’t be non amazed with its extra long profile that looks sleek and sloped toward the rear due to a lowered bonnet height and a decreased glasshouse area. The side outlet seen on both the Gran Lusso and the 7 Series will be present on 2016 too.

2016 BMW 9 Series interior

2016 BMW 9 Series competitors

The battle for Chinese market will be very interesting to see. So far, the main luxury sedans in China were Rolls Royse and Bentley models, but things are now much different. There much more pretenders in this segment in these days.

2016 BMW 9 Series

Many European manufacturers offer their extra-long models and some of them are new Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach, which will debut this fall, and also new long-wheelbase Range Rover, so it isn’t very hard to presume that 2016 BMW 9 Series will have hard task to establish its position on the market.

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