2016 Chrysler 200

This mid-size car produced by Chrysler was originally launched in 2010. So far, we have seen two generations. The current model was presented at the International Auto Show in Detroit about a year ago and it is available since May 2014. Since this is still a very fresh model, there won’t be big modifications for next-year model. However, it is expected that beside current 4-door sedan, we will see convertible version finally. Except new body style, 2016 Chrysler 200 will keep the same characteristics as 2015 year model.

2016 Chrysler 200 front view

2016 Chrysler 200 specs

As we already said, this is still new mode so the biggest part of the car will be a carryover, both in visual and mechanical terms. However, beside standard sedan model, we are expecting to see a two-door convertible in near future and that could be already with 2016 Chrysler 200. This variant will share most of the characteristics with 4-door sedan and it will feature only some minor modifications adapted to convertible body styling. The design language will be the same and interior will feature same styling. It is important to mention that new Chrysler 200 convertible will be equipped with plenty of hi-tech features, just like sedan. There will be features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure system, Park Assist, rearview camera, new 7-inch LED color screen and whole bunch of Uconnect systems.

2016 Chrysler 200 interior

2016 Chrysler 200 engines

The engine line-up remains the same. The convertible variant will use the same units. The 2016 Chrysler 200 will be available with two petrol engines. The base one is 2.4 liter TigerShark engine, which has an output of 184 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque. On the other side, there is a more powerful 3.6 liter Pentastar with 295 horses 262 pound-feet of torque. Both engines are paired with new 9-speed automatic transmission. Only model with Pentastar engine is available in AWD configuration.

2016 Chrysler 200 rear view

2016 Chrysler 200 release date and price

The 2016 Chrysler 200 is expected to come late this year. The price of 4-door sedan will remain the same, which is 21.800 for the base model, while eventual 2-door convertible will cost slightly higher.