2016 Ford F150

Next generation of Ford’s most selling truck starts with 2016 Ford F150.With many modifications and additions, vehicle will be more luxurious than ever. New design, interior features and engine will make this vehicle one of the most exciting truck in US markets.

2016 Ford F150

2016 Ford F150 redesign

Main idea of engineers is to drop weight for new Ford F150. In that purpose, a lot of aluminum is being used for building the truck. This is not just a rumor because this information is confirmed from company. This makes 2016 Ford F150 more lightweight and it leads to better fuel economy. Hood, doors, roof and gate, all parts will be made of aluminum. However, this delayed new F-150 for about 10 weeks because of few problems.

2016 Ford F150 interior

But, until 2016 Ford F150 is released there is enough time for modifications and fixing all lacks. Interior of the vehicle are going to boost its luxurious look. Some elements will be borrowed from Ford Atlas, so we expect some similarities in the cabin. Of course, all latest hi-tech features are to be implemented, and new infotainment system will be updated. All systems could be controlled from 8-inch touch-screen placed on center of the dashboard. Knobs and buttons boost overall impression about 2016 F150 look.

2016 Ford F150

2016 Ford F150 engine

No information is available about powertrain plans for new Ford F150. It is possible that new truck will carry over engine from current F-series vehicles with some modifications. Transmission system for 2016 F150 is new Ford’s 10-speed automated. Also, expect it as EcoBoost drivetrain, with new hydrocarbon saving technology. This could affect overall towing capacity. With all-aluminum body, fuel saving are significant. It is rumored that could bring 2016 Ford F150 closer to the 30 mpg mark, company’s plan expected to be accomplished by 2020. Another aerodynamic upgrade should boost efficiency. New generation of F-150 gets wheel shutters which accurate at route speeds to ameliorate aerodynamics. Shutters are placed behind framing, so no additional cooling is needed. These are made to boost performance of the new Ford F150 either at high speeds or when towing.

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