2016 Ford Super Duty

If you can’t do all of your jobs with standard F-150 pickup, there is a whole line of company’s working machines called Super Duty trucks. This line of trucks originally came in 1999 as 2000 year models and it is consisted of several models from F-250 to F-750. The main characteristics of these trucks are extremely hard construction, larger size and better overall working capabilities. This year, we are going to see completely redesigned model, which will come with many improvements and it will be named 2016 Ford Super Duty. New model will come with many changes such as new platform, new look, new interior and improved performances.

2016 Ford Super Duty

2016 Ford Super Duty redesign

Next generation of these working machines will come completely redesigned. The 2016 Ford Super Duty will get new body structure, which will be based on the same technology as new F-150. It will be made mostly of aluminum, so you should expect massive weight savings. Many experts fear that new construction won’t be as hard as previous, but company assures us that 2016 Ford Super Duty will keep the current performances and even improve in many segments. When it is about look, although new model still wears a camouflage, some details are already known. New model will get more attractive look, but in some way, it will keep the basic traditional look. Some of the most notable details will be new front fascia and bumpers, bigger wheels and larger air intakes, which will beside better looking also provide better airflow. The 2016 Super Duty will also get new cabin, which will feature new, more car-like styling, better-quality materials and also plenty of new technologies installed.

2016 Ford Super Duty front view

2016 Ford Super Duty engine

It is pretty much for sure that 2016 Ford Super Duty will keep the current engines. As you probably know, current model is available both in petrol and diesel variants. The base model is powered by 6.2 liter V8 petrol engine, which outputs 385 horses and 405 lb-ft of twist. Since this trucks are designed mainly for towing and other hard work, diesel engine sound like a real deal. This variant is equipped with 6.7 liter V8 Turbodiesel engine, which has a maximum output of 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of max torque. Great thing about this engine is that it is also capable of burning bio-diesel fuel, making it B20 capable. The 2016 Ford Super Duty will probably get new transmission. Beside current 6-speed, it is expected to be offered with new 8-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Ford Super Duty price

As you probably know, this model is available in many, many configurations so expect wide price range. Starting price should be around 35.000 dollars.