2016 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot was originally released in 2003. From the moment it was available on the market, this mid-size SUV gained reputation of extra versatile car, so it is not a surprise that it is very popular on the market. For 2016 year model, Pilot will get several improvements.

2016 Honda Pilot redesign

Just like previous Pilot models, 2016 Honda Pilot will be offered in four variants too. There are LX, EX, EX-L and Touring trim levels. Although it belongs to class of mid-size SUVs, just like its predecessor, 2016 Pilot will have 3 rows of seats. Spacious interior was always one of Pilot’s trumps.

2016 Honda Pilot

New model will get new platform, so there will be even more room. It is expected that the main improvement (when it is about space) will be the enlargement of the area between second and third row. Cargo space, which already has a decent size, will be also enlarged. Honda engineers also did a great job when it is about weight reduction. Basically, there are many similarities with new Acura MDX. Because of many aluminum-made parts, new 2016 Honda Pilot will be much lighter than its predecessor, which will inter alia provide much better fuel economy. Although new model will keep conventional square look, with minor changes, inside the cabin many improvements are expected.

2016 Honda Pilot

It is expected new 2016 Honda Pilot to be equipped with plenty of high-tech stuff such as new leather seats, improved climate control, cruise control and backup camera.  Also, there is a lot of effort to improve entertainment systems, so new model will have new audio and video devices, sound system, USB ports etc.

2016 Honda Pilot engine

The 2016 Honda Pilot will use well-known and proven engine system. The engine is 3.5 liter V6 and it delivers power through CVT or 6-speed automatic transmission. This system outputs 310 horses, while max torque is 265 lb-ft. It was firstly planned 2016 Pilot to offered only as AWD variant, but thanks to customers demands, two-wheel option will be also available.

2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot price and release date

Release date is very far, so there is no sense to talk about some precise date. Price is also unknown, but is expected to be in same range as previous Pilots.

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