2016 Jaguar XJ

For the next generation of XJ, Jaguar is planning a lot of changes caused from many factors. This luxury vehicle 2016 Jaguar XJ will have to suffer many improvements to fulfill what is expected of it. It won’t be easy task to compete with latest versions of S class from Mercedes. However, Jaguar succeeded to be on top level so far, so we expect the same from 2016 Jaguar XJ.

2016 Jaguar XJ

Successor of Jaguar XK

Jaguar is having a pretty busy schedule. During this and next year, they will launch many new models, including long prepared XE crossover. However, from the company decided to end the production of their luxury sport car segment XK. However, that doesn’t mean Jaguar has left a spot in that segment. The 2016 Jaguar XJ is its replacement as direct successor. They didn’t wanted to develop completely new vehicle, but they decided to modify existing one. Coupe version of 2016 Jaguar XJ will be set to continue sport segment in the company.  However, this won’t last too long because Jaguar is planning to end the production of XJ also, somewhere during 2016 year. So, luxury GT model of 2016 Jaguar XJ could be the last one under this nameplate. It is hard to believe that this car could compete with top models of this class in new S-class from Mercedes and Bentley Continental GT.

2016 Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ design

Design of the 2016 XJ will be based on F-type model from same company. It had enormous success and that is the main reason why will new XJ use its parts. Change from XK model which 2016 Jaguar XJ is replacing, will be large. New car will be more aggressive and luxurious, so it could compete with models in same class. Architecture will be similar to the F-type, but with more lightweight materials used, such as aluminum and others.

2016 Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ engines and price

Supercharged V6 will be main powertrain option of the new Jaguar XJ. Company plans to launch the vehicle with advanced V8 drivetrain at higher and more luxurious trim levels. However, based on the F-type, new 2016 XJ will have almost double price than its matrix car has. We expect base models to have a tag of $150.000 when they appear at dealerships.

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