2016 Kia Soul

Kia Soul is a compact car which was originally launched in 2008. So far, there are two generations of this car. Second-generation model was launched last year as 2014 model and it made an instant success. This model was praised for its design and functionality both by experts and customers, so it isn’t wonder that sales results are remarkable. Despite this fact, Korean automaker already works on some modifications, which should appear with mid-cycle refreshed 2016 Kia Soul, which should come early that year. Refreshed model will come not only with some cosmetic changes, but also with plenty of mechanical novelties.

2016 kia soul front view

2016 Kia Soul redesign

The 2016 Kia Soul won’t come with many changes, when it is about visual appearance. The familiar look will stay and only some minor tweaks are expected. Although slightly reshaped, “tiger nose” grille will remain, while headlights will remain almost unchanged. Only possible changes will be that panoramic roof and fog lights will now be offered as standard. Some other tweaks like new-designed alloy wheels etc. are possible too. When it is about interior, 2016 Soul will remain pretty much unchanged. Only some hi-tech features updates are expected. Great thing about this car is that the most of the interior parts are made of recycled components like Bio fabric, Bio Foam, Bio Plastic etc.

2016 Kia Soul side view

2016 Kia Soul engine

Just like current model, 2016 Kia Soul will be powered by two petrol engines. The first one is 1.6 liter GDi, which outputs 138 horsepower and 123 lb-ft. The other petrol engine is 2.0 liter MPi, which is rated at 162 hp and 148 lb-ft of max torque. Both engines will be paired with either manual or automatic 6-speed transmission. Beside these models, 2016 Soul will come in electric variant. This model will be consisted of 27-kilowat lithium-ion battery and it will be able to produce around 110 horses and 210 lb-ft of torque. It will be able to make 120 miles in one go, while charging time is expected to be around five hours.

2016 kia soul rear view

2016 Kia Soul release date and price

It is expected that new model will be available in early 2016. The 2016 Kia Soul will cost around 30.000 dollars.