2016 Lincoln Continental

As a flagship model, Continental played one of the most important roles for the Lincoln during 80’s and 90’s. However, Ford’s luxury department decided to end the production of this model in 2002, when it was replaced by Lincoln MKS. However, this sedan will also be retired soon. It will be replaced by new flagship sedan which will come late this year or eventually in early 2016. According to the latest reports, there are big chances that new model will once again carry the name Continental. In that case new model will come as 2016 Lincoln Continental.

2016 Lincoln Continental

2016 Lincoln Continental specs

This model will come as all-new model. Since it will be new flagship sedan, it will probably establish a whole new design language, which will be used for upcoming models of the company. The 2016 Lincoln Continental will be a full-size car, so it demands big platform. That will probably be some kind of enlarged CD4 platform, which is used for models like Fusion, Mondeo etc. In this case, many of us will be disappointed because this platform is designed for front-wheel drive configuration. Compared to previous models, this basically means less fun in driving. The 2016 Lincoln will probably be offered not only in North America but also in some other markets such as China, which basically means that a longer-wheelbase in also possible. When it is about interior, beside elegant style expect to see some interesting solutions such as combination of modern and traditional controls. Instead of modern digital controls that can be found in new Ford models, it will also use some classic analog knobs, which will give even more elegant appearance.

2016 Lincoln Continental engine

When it is about engines, one thing is for sure – new model won’t be available in V8 version. Current 3.7 liter Cyclone will be replaced too. The 2016 Lincoln Continental will probably use modern EcoBoost units. The base model will be powered by 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine, while 3.5 liter V6 will be optional. When it is about transmission, current 6-speed should be replaced with new 9-speed automatic transmission, which will deliver power to either front or all wheels.

2016 Lincoln Continental

2016 Lincoln Continental release date and price

So far, we can only rely on speculations. According to the latest reports, 2016 Lincoln Continental should come early next year. Expected price for the base model is between 40.000 and 50.000 dollars.

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