2016 Mini Clubman

Since the debut of the mini Clubman concept manufacturing of the new Clubman is nearing completion. It looks like there are no plans to phase out MINI’s existing variant, the Clubman. The new 2016 Mini Clubman will keep its signature split tailgate. However the rear door will be replaced by two traditional rear doors. As previewed in the 2014 Geneva Motor Show while still in concept form the new 2016 Clubman will also feature a much larger size than its predecessor, almost the same as a BMW 3-series sports wagon.

2016 Mini Clubman redesign

The production model has an accustomed design that closely resembles the cooper, with a slightly revised front bumper and a longer rear door. The new 2016 Mini Clubman has different tail lights in comparison to the ones used on the third-generation mini hardtop. The flat oriented tail lights will sit flush with the barn door areas. Buyers can also expect some cool safety features such as head-up display, pedestrian and collision warning systems, speed limit information system and a parking attendant. The interior of the vehicle also has some other trendy features. For example switches are made in a very nice and modern style which might not always be practical. A large speedometer in retro design occupies the central part of the dashboard, while in front of the driver, is the rev counter, the same design. There is climate control distributed in the character of a Mini or in a circle with wings.

2016 Mini Clubman engine

The 2016 Mini Clubman will have two options of engines available both on diesel or petrol which are used in the two door and four door hardtops. There is also the possibility of a hybrid version that can do both diesel and petrol. One option will be a 1.5 liter direct-injected turbo-charged, with three cylinder, generating 134 horse power and 162 pound feet of torque. The second option will be 2.0 liter direct-injected turbo charged four cylinder, generating 189 horse power with 207 pound feet of torque.

2016 Mini Clubman price

The 2016 Mini Clubman is going to be a top of the range car guaranteeing a safe and sound driving experience to both driver and passengers, considering all the safety features installed. It is therefore no surprise that the minimum price estimates start from $ 30,000. However with several amazing features that are likely to be decked out, the price could top $ 40,000 which of course is totally worth it.

2016 Mini Clubman release date

From the date the Mini Clubman principle came into being in Early 2014, Mini has severally reconsidered its concerns and tried to focus on five key versions. With this kind of focus the new Clubman is likely to hit the market in late 2015 – but as a 2016 model- most probably at the Frankfurt motor show, otherwise it will be released in early 2016.

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