2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI  

This iconic high-performance sedan is under production since 1992. So far, we have seen ten generations and next year we are going to see eleventh generation of this legendary street racer. Although there are no too many details known, there are some predictions and also some expectations about new model. According to some sources, 2016 Evo XI will come completely redesigned, with new chassis, new look and with some revolutionary changes when it is about powertrain.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI   

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI redesign

We all know that this car was praised mainly because of its fantastic performances. However, it was also characterized by very attractive look. Same thing will be with 2016 Mitsubish Evo XI. Mitsubishi designers did their best effort to make new model extremely attractive. According to information we have, new Evo will be based on RA concept, which basically means that it won’t be based on Lancer anymore. It will also have the body which will look close to RA concept, but with some tweaks and unique details. It is expected that 2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI will outshine all its predecessors. This model was always known for advanced technologies, so we expect nothing less with new model. Company claims that new model will have even more improved handling and outstanding technology. When it is about interior of 2016 Evo XI, it still unknown how it look like but one thing is for sure – it will have very futuristic look and it will be full of latest technology features.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI   

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI engine

This model was always known for its amazing 2.0 liter turbocharged engine. So far there were two engines used for Evo. The first one is 4G63T which was used from 1992 to 2007, while the second one is 4B11T, which is still used. There is no doubt that Mitsubishi will continue with “2-liter” tradition, buy there will be some new configurations too. It seems that 2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI will be also available as hybrid. This system will be probably consisted of same 2.0 liter petrol engine combine with two electric motors. According to some rumors, this Evo will produce over 500 horses! It is unknown will 2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI will get new transmission but, on the other side, it is for sure that it will be AWD like all its predecessors.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI   

2016 Mitsubishi Evo XI release date and price

New model will arrive next year. It is still early to speculate about price but some sources say that it will be higher, compared to current model.

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