2016 Toyota Tundra

Japan-based car maker is very careful in developing its models. Design of the 2016 Toyota Tundra will be mostly unchanged. But the company put a lot of effort to improve other segments, especially engine and fuel economy. We know that new engine is being prepared for 2016 Tundra, but performance are still unknown. What is sure is that we will get Tundra which will be fast on the highways and capable to tow big cargo.

2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra engine

Japanese manufacturer will prepare drivetrains of lastest technology for 2016 Toyota Tundra. We heard that V8 is being prepared for next generation of the vehicle which is about to start in 2016. Further, information leaked so we know that 2016 Tundra will come as diesel and that powertrain will be delivered from famed diesel builder company Cummins. From early data, we heard that Tundra will use 5.0-l turbodiesel V8. This option will be used from rival company, Nissan, for its new generation of the Titan in 2015. This is new for Toyota, and all enthusiasts will be happy to see how 2016 Tundra will respond with its new engine under the hood. Performance numbers are still unknown. The 2015 Titan will have 300 hp and 500 pound-feet of torque, and from what we heard from Toyota, Tundra is about to top these numbers.

2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra fuel economy

One of the most important thing why Toyota decided to go diesel for 2016 Tundra is fuel economy. All producers of truck segment are in race to improve mpg rate and to meet US government’s new CAFE regulations. The Ram already launched its EcoDiesel engine, and if that is indicator, in 2016 this average will be around 30 mpg. Toyota has long-term plans, according to them mpg rate by 2025 should be raised to 54 mpg. Long shot if we look at the leader in the class, Ram 1500 with its EcoDiesel which has 20/28 mpg rates for city and highway drive.

2016 Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra release date

Still far away from what we can expect, we won’t see 2016 Toyota Tundra before 2016. Also, price tag is not predictable since we don’t have any information about upgrades, trim packages and options for the 2016 Tundra.

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