2016 VW CC

The vehicle CC from Volkswagen company is a luxury sedan, not same level as Passat, but still satisfying needs of buyers of some lower level luxury lineup. The abbreviation stands for “Comfort Coupe”. German carmaker is about to launch new generation of the vehicle with 2016 VW CC. It is not confirmed yet, but from some leaked information we found out that car is already in advanced stage of developing. This should be the finest and most distinguished member of the VW family.

2016 VW CC

2016 VW CC, Audi A7 and Passat comparison

Styling of the new 2016 VW CC will be significantly changed. One of the sources told that new car will have design very similar to A7. Also, rumors say that few versions could be available, including fastback model. That could be also compared to A7 and its Sportback version. Both of the cars are luxury sedans. However, one other car from VW family will be compared to the new 2016 CC. It is Passat. But, CC will be smaller version, and it won’t be Passat, or it would carry its name. It will be more of the car between upper-class sedan and middle-class where VW has a gap. That will be filled with 2016 VW CC.

2016 VW CC interior

2016 VW CC engines

Still in developing phase, final look of the engine lineup of the 2016 CC is hard to predict. Unfortunately, for next Passat, Volkswagen has reported. It should ne powered with turbo-diesel engines, whose output will start from 109 hp. Higher-end models will go up to 280 hp. More economical CC will have somewhere 150 horsepower, produced from 2.0-l TDI powertrain. It will be same engine used for the current model with higher output. For additional enjoy and comfort, German company has prepared optional trim packages. There, you can purchase exterior items for styling, indoor features and performance boosters. These will be big advantage and the decoy for potential buyers.

2016 VW CC

2016 VW CC price

The price tag won’t be affected too much for the 2016 VW CC. Base models will be available for around $35.000, while for these with additional trim packages, potential buyers will have to spend more.

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