2017 Ford Taurus

New 2017 Ford Taurus will be lighter, faster and better overall, than any previous sedans with this name. Major changes will bring also better fuel economy, and more modern look. New Taurus will be longer, and probably wider, since it will certainly use platform that has already been seen on Fusion. Front-wheel drive, possible new transmission system with engine modifications are expected. Launch date will probably be during 2016, mid-year.

2017 Ford Taurus spy photos

2017 Ford Taurus weight drop

New platform will extend Taurus, and sedan will be bigger. However, due to massive use of aluminum and carbon-fiber, weight could drop for significant amount. Some rumors are telling that the plan is to lose 500 lbs. That means most body panels will be new. Probably, car will have a new look, radically changed. However, Ford will make it more attractive and modernized. Also, weight drop brings better fuel consumption. Last model had very good mileage, with 22 mpg for city drive and 32 mpg for highway. With significant upgrades, it could be one of the best cars in the class, if we compare fuel economy.

2017 Ford Taurus engine

Changes on the engine are still questionable. Ford could use same drivetrain used by current model. It is 3.5-liter V6, with FWD and 6-speed gearbox. Also, there is 2.3-l EcoBoost model, which could be also installed under the hood of 2017 Ford Taurus. Any of these engines will be updated and upgraded. New transmission is possible, since Ford is developing its own 9-speed gearbox. It’s been a while since this story is out, so experts think that 2017 year models of Ford vehicles will use it. Among others, it could be the same for 2017 Taurus.

2017 Ford Taurus spy shots

2017 Ford Taurus release date and competition

New Taurus could be out in dealerships in final quarter of 2016. However, premiere could happen few months before, probably in mid 2016. Price is still unknown and unpredictable. Anyway, when 2017 Ford Taurus appears, we know which cars will compete. First of all, there are US vehicles, Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger and Buick LaCrosse, and also Hyundai Azera and Nissan Maxima.

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