2017 Lexus LS

Here is some big news from Toyota’s luxury division. It seems that we are going to see new LS very soon, probably in two years. This full-size luxury sedan is present for 25 years and so far, there are four generations of this company’s flagship model. Current-generation model is present from 2006 and it was refreshed two times. Finally, we will see new, fifth-generation model, probably as 2017 Lexus LS.

2017 Lexus LS front view

2017 Lexus LS specs

This car has been always considered as one of the most serious players in this segment of luxury full-size sedans. We have no doubt that new model will keep in same way, but it seems that 2017 Lexus LS will come with some big changes, which will make it different than previous models. It seems that new model will be sportier, so it won’t have models like Mercedes Benz S-Class as main competitors, but vehicles such as Jaguar XJ or Porsche Panamera. However, this doesn’t mean that 2017 Lexus LS will lose some characteristics such as high level of comfort and luxury. It will get new platform, which will provide higher level of comfort and also much better handling and overall performances. Its look will be completely changed and it will follow company’s new design language. Interior will be completely redesigned too, but at this moment, it is hard to get some more details about 2017 LS exterior and interior design.

2017 Lexus LS interior

2017 Lexus LS engines

Current model is characterized by excellent performances and it all indicates new 2017 Lexus LS will keep in same way and will be even improved. It will get company’s new engine that will have its premiere in 2015 RC F. This 5.0 liter V8 outputs 450 horses and 383 lb-ft of twist and it come as base option. The 2017 LS will also come in F version, which will be powered by the same engine but equipped with turbocharger, so total power is expected to be around 600 horses. When it is about hybrid variant, it seems that company will offer it familiar and proven V6-based hybrid configuration.

2017 Lexus LS release date

We didn’t manage to get any information about 2017 Lexus LS release date so far. However, since it is expected that it will come as 2017 YM, late 2016 sounds very possible.